Daniel scott Studio

Daniel Scott works on Grazette of Sweden’s Lifestyle collection, here’s a look at an advertising video and life style photo collection I was involved in for Grazette of Sweden, there’ll be more come on this when the Autumn Looks are unveiled!

In May 2015, Grazette of Sweden a hair product manufacturer in Gothenburg Sweden, decided to create their first life style photo collection. Linda Beronius and I came up with 6 commercial cuts and colors working from Global design information involving colors and textures. It was broken into 3 catagories. Midgard, Dark Materia and Cutting edge. We decided to have 3 men and 3 women for the cuts and colors. This is the start of a new direction for the company and we hope you like these fantastic commercial styles.

August brought another photo shoot for Grazette of Sweden. We did 3 models for the packages of their color mask and 1 model for their advertisement campaign for the new XL hairspray which will be in stores and salons all over Sweden in the coming month. The final photos will appear here in the coming months.

September 24 we will have a hair show in Gothenburg releasing the Life style collection, keep tuned in for the exciting new changes.