The Hair Care Advice section will be advice on many different hair aspects. I have been, over the many years exposed to all aspects of the hair industry. From photo shoots to shows and seminars to working with more than 50 product lines, my vast experience and understanding can address all hair types and styles.

“It’s all about looking your best and feeling great”!

The basic understanding of hair care starts from the beginning and is unique for each individual. Such things as Density ( the amount of hair you have) porosity ( how much moisture your hair hold) and texture ( straight, waves, curly).

Some of the categories I will discuss include;

  • Hair products, what’s new and how to use the products.
  • Hair styling
  • Fashion Trends
  • Do’s and don’ts of basic hair maintenance
  • Styling tools
  • Myths and reality of hair care


These are just a few topic to start with, so keep tuned in and we will update you more in the future.
Cheers Daniel