Summer time is here we are all looking to get out in the sun and soak up the vitamin B.
With this brings dried hair and color fading. The sun and heat damage the hair. Try not to color or highlight your hair before a semester or fun in the sun. You can use UV protectant products that will help the hair but it will not stop color fading.

We too will be on semester until the Autumn when the fashion season will start back in full and I will bring my take on what’s new.

Happy Holidays!

Great time in Russia…..daniel-scott-hair-russia-3s
I just got back from Moscow, directing a week-long event for an amazing Russian company Authentica. They are Cloud Nine Russia. We held a 5 day of training seminar and educated 93 hairdressers, doing over 100 models making it the best education hands on seminar I have ever been a part of. Thanks to everyone at Authentica I had a memorable experience.



Cloud Nine launch in the U.S.cloud9_7

In July Daniel Scott Studio and guest artist Maria Legge did a show at the North American Hairdressing Awards (NAHA) in Las Vegas. Daniel created and directed the entire show and was pleased with the continued impact the Cloud 9 launch is having on its audiences.

Please check out our Videos and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did doing the show….Cheers for now.

Cloud 9 promotional video at Vagus, NAHA 2012 Artistic Presentation by Cloud Nine.
Cloud 9 Vagas video (short) >>
Cloud 9 promotional video at Vagus, long version with behind the scenes and NAHA Awards.
Cloud 9 Vagas video (long) >>

Hey thank you for checking us out here at Daniel Scott studio. Lets talk about color, Color changes with the seasons, lets face it most people go a little darker in the winter and lighter in the summer. But each season the tones change. This season the colors are warmer to slightly colder blondes or more specific natural blonde looks, for brunettes we are keeping them in natural red browns to chocolate browns and for those who like coppers and gold color the are slightly more pastels currently.

We are not doing crazy wild bold colors. But if you miss these colors just wait they will be back. So put a little color in your life and freshen up your fashion look with little up keep.

Cheers Daniel