Frisörweekend Sälen – Grazette of Sweden – 2016

Grazette education and show weekend in Salen!

Graztte of Sweden Reklam -2015

Here’s a look at an advertising video I was involved in for Grazette of Sweden, there’ll be more come on this when the Autumn Looks are unveiled!


Cloud 9 – 2012

Cloud 9 promotional video at Vagus, NAHA 2012 Artistic Presentation by Cloud Nine.

YouTube Link: Cloud 9 Vagas video (short) >>


Schwarzkopf – 2011

Have your gray hair started to show more than usual? But what about the man rubs her outgrowth? And what color should you use so your hair does not look like a color helmet! Daniel Scott, world famous hairdresser and stylist tells you all you need to know about Soyance new color series and how best to color your hair at home!

YouTube Link: Colouring at home >>


Schwarzkopf – 2011

How can you really do when you color outgrowth? How long should paint sit in? World renowned Daniel Scott shows you step by step how you color your blonde outgrowth.

YouTube Link: Soyance Blonde >>


Schwarzkopf – 2010

Inspired by Schwarzkopf Looks for you in 2010! This year’s new hair trends Combback, East Beat, hollyred and Intense Bloom is four distinctive looker, inspired by the fashion scene and celebrity world. Schwarzkopf has updated the major Hollywood divornas looker into something that fits today’s women a modern, cool and glamorous style. Hair Stylist Daniel Scott shows here how to fix engines look for yourself, gives her best tips and tells us what is important to keep in mind when styling your hair at home.

YouTube Link: Schwarzkopf Looks for you 2010 >>

Cover Classics – 2008

This was an interesting collaboration where I created a fashion guide for SFF Svenska Frisör Företagarna.

Styling for a music video with MamaKin – 2007

A great weekend of work for a rock video shoot with Per Olsson for MamaKin.